Feel More Connected To Your Life

Build Stronger Relationships

Online Counseling for Residents in Texas and North Carolina

Office Availability in Asheville, North Carolina

Psychotherapy for Individuals in Asheville, NC

Do Any of The Following Resonate With You?

● You Are Going Through A Major Life Transition
● You Are At A Crossroads In Your Relationship
● You Feel Anxious About The Future
● You Feel Sad, Lonely and Disconnected From The World

If so, Psychotherapy Can Help.

Individual Psychotherapy

If you are an Adult or Teen experiencing life as confusing and scary.

Let me help you discover what you are meant to do in this next life chapter.

Counseling for the Highly Sensitive Person

If you are someone who withdraws or isolates as a result of not knowing how to be in a world
that feels over-stimulating.

Let’s explore how you can express your unique HSP qualities comfortably and safely and share
yourself with confidence, opening up new possibilities for your life.

Counseling for Young Adults

If you are a young adult who is anxious about becoming independent and living on your own or
are afraid to leave a life that is both comfortable and familiar.

Let me help you become confident in your ability to navigate your life.

Hi, I'm Lisa Knudson

I help Individuals seeking Counseling and Psychotherapy in Asheville, NC. I am also licensed to provide Online Counseling to Texas and North Carolina residents.

If you are on a path to Self-Discovery, working together could help you Feel More Connected to Your Life Purpose and Build Stronger Relationships.

Imagine yourself visiting someone each week who becomes a container for your thoughts and feelings, no matter how big or small. A confidential space just for you where you will feel seen and heard. You will learn about yourself in the context of a safe and authentic therapeutic relationship and get clarity on your life’s purpose as you work on the challenges that bring you into therapy.

Read more on my about page.

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