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Helping individuals who feel isolated and alone with their pain to experience connection and healing as they move through their grief.

LISA KNUDSON PSYCHOTHERAPY | Codependency Counseling in Asheville, North Carolina

You are in the right place if you are experiencing:

  • Pain and confusion in your relationships
  • Fear or worry that you are “out of control” with your emotions
  • Obsessive thoughts about your partner’s behavior
  • Helplessness as to what your next steps should be


Hi I’m Lisa, a psychotherapist with over 25 years counseling experience helping people like yourself find answers to their most common relationship problems. I provide a safe, nurturing environment where we work as a team to navigate your relationship challenges and together, develop an action plan that will change the course of your relationships. I will help you to get relief from the worry, obsession and confusion that currently rules your life.


My specialty is working with women and men who struggle with relationship problems that are addictive in nature. If you have found yourself in the same kind of painful relationship again and again, I can help you break the cycle.



If you find yourself in the same pattern of feeling helpless to change your partner no matter how much you try, I can help.

If you are staying in a relationship for fear of being alone or not believing you deserve better, I can assist you.

If you have difficulty letting go of a partner and find yourself obsessing over a relationship that has ended, I can guide you towards a more serene path.

You will learn to break the cycle of hoping and wishing things will be different to putting your needs first and making healthier choices for yourself.

Contact me today to discuss your concerns in a complimentary phone consultation.


As teens navigate the waters of adulthood, they often need support managing their stress and anxiety when leaving the comforts of home for the unfamiliar territory of college life.



It is very common for teenagers to feel scared to leave the comforts of home, a familiar school and the support of family and friends.

I offer therapy for teens who may be suffering from depression and anxiety related to this important and often overwhelming transition to college.

I provide your teen with the help he or she needs by teaching tools to manage the stress associated with leaving home to attend University.

Contact me today to discuss your concerns in a complimentary phone consultation.


“Lisa is a talented and respected therapist among her colleagues. Her skills and engaging style prepare teens for college with reassuring support, information, and confidence.”

- Helen Lemm LCSW | Psychotherapist Private Practice


“I enjoy collaborating with Ms. Knudson. She is a strong advocate for her clients, and is talented in working with adolescents and young adults who are navigating transitions."

- Nakia Scott, M.D., ABIHM | Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist | Diplomat of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine

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