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Helping Highly Sensitive People embrace their sensitivity as a gift.

Everyone has experienced sensitivity to situations or people at one time or another. But for some of us, sensitivity extends to all of life most of the time, making it difficult to be in the world. If you identify as a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP, it could be challenging for you to interact with others and to handle your day-to-day responsibilities as easily as you would like.

Common traits of the Highly Sensitive Person:

● You are highly perceptive and feel the emotional pain of others.
● You are attuned to other people’s moods and they affect you.
● You feel stressed in loud, chaotic, or over-stimulating environments.
● You feel easily overwhelmed when you have too much to do at once.
● You are highly conscientious and try to avoid making mistakes.
● You lead a rich, complex inner life.

If you are an HSP, you might also notice yourself asking:

● Why am I so emotional about things?
● Why does life seem so exhausting?
● Why is it so difficult for me to enjoy others and have fun?
It’s natural to want to withdraw when we are under stress, but being highly sensitive without support can cause you to isolate, or spend more time alone, just because life doesn’t seem “doable” anymore.

Does this sound like you? Most Highly Sensitive People…

● Avoid conflict or upset as it causes them to feel anxious and vulnerable.
● Are hard on themselves for their sensitivities.
● Withdraw more and more.
● Wonder when life will get easier…
If you relate to being a Highly Sensitive Person, you’ll find comfort in knowing that it’s not a mental illness or disorder in any way. It’s just a physiological difference in a tiny part of the brain that causes HSPs to process information differently than those who are not HSP.

Still, nearly 20% of humans are born as HSPs! And while we cannot change our physiology, there are things that HSPs can learn and apply to become happier and more effective people in life.

How can therapy help Highly Sensitive People?

As a therapist to HSPs, I begin by forming a therapeutic relationship where you feel heard and have the experience of being less alone. Because I, too, identify as an HSP, I have struggled with many of the same issues you are facing – the social challenges, the isolation and the overwhelm.

One of the most important initial steps is to identify the gifts that you as an HSP bring to the world. We also explore how you can express your unique HSP qualities comfortably and safely and share yourself with confidence, which will open up new possibilities for your life.

Because HSPs have certain tendencies, we’ll look at creating patterns that are more supportive of you. Along the way, you’ll acquire new tools and perspectives for handling life challenges common to HSPs. Over time and with practice, you will feel more freedom and self-assurance and develop a greater love and appreciation for yourself as an HSP. Being sensitive in what often feels like an insensitive world can be tough, but it doesn’t have to stop you from being who you were meant to be! I can support you on your journey.

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